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Where the image of a particular postcard has a catalogue number
( Example - D09-211042-00 ) the card may be available for purchase. P&P UK on up to 5 standard postcards 50 pence - Overseas by weight.

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Welcome to the new website. The site aims to gather and supply information on all aspects of postcard collecting to as wide an audience as possible.

One of our goals is to promote the collection and study of postcards and the advancement of postcard collecting as a hobby.

Whether you are looking for postcard dealers, postcard suppliers or postcard printing services, or maybe just trying to find out about an old postcard, then welcome!

We are an independant website and are new collectors approaching the hobby without any bias. Our website will feature regularly updated information about deltiology.

Dealers Lists : Our dealers section, is being developed geographically initially by country (later by state, county, region or metropolitan area) and may include companies or individuals who deal in postcards. We will be developing the pages to include dealers in modern postcards, postcard collectors accessories, postcard auctions, and ebay and other online auction postcard sellers as well as the largest section by proportion, dealers in old and antique postcards.

Postcard Fairs Listing : Will include events organised by clubs or autonomous bodies, listed and linked to further information about the organiser and their own websites. Club events will also be included soon.

Hobby Information : Beginners guide from various authors are included in the information section, which we hope to expand upon in the near future.

Wanted Section : Where anyone can post a Wanted Ad for an individual postcard or theme.

News and Announcements Page : As we receive information we will add pages to the Postcard-Dealer website keeping you in touch with what's happening within deltiology.

Postcard Clubs : Will be listed geographically by Country - State, County, Region or Metropolitan area. We plan to improve this section over the coming months and will be contacting clubs for more information. If you'd like to add or alter your postcard collectors club entry please contact us.

The study and collecting of postcards is termed deltiology

UK Postcard of 1890

A postcard or post card is a rectangular piece thin cardboard or of thick paper intended for writing and mailing without an envelope and maybe at a lower postage rate than a letter.

Stamp collectors distinguish between postcards, which require a stamp, and postal cards, which have the postage pre-printed on them.

While a postcard is usually printed by a private company, individual or organization, a postal card is issued for sale by the relevant postal authority.

Standard Size - Introduced in Britain in November 1899, measuring 140mm x 89mm. The United States Postal Service defines a postcard as: rectangular, at least 3-½ inches high x 5 inches long x .007 inch thick and no more than 4¼ inches high x 6 inches long x .016 inches thick; (in metric; 127mm x 89mm) however, some postcards have deviated from this; for example, novelty shaped postcards.

Postcard collecting (deltiology) is one of the most popular collectible hobbies in the UK and internationally, surpassed in popularity only by coin collecting (numismatics) and stamp collecting (philately). There is some crossover when the postcard subject matter enters the realms of the other major hobbies or pastimes. Another aspect of the hobby is that a fan of another genre, say cats, tractors or bridges etc., may collect that subject matter on postcards.

The old antique postcard evokes memories of the past and provides an interesting glimpse into the social history, cultural history and material culture of the time. Known also as a “penny post card” and a “picture post card,” vintage postcards have been collectibles since their 1890s Victorian-era inception.



From Greek, deltion, a derivative of deltos, "writing tablet or letter"; and -logia is the study and collection of postcards.

Compared to philately, the identification of a postcard's place and time of production can often be an impossible task because postcards, unlike stamps, are produced in a decentralised, unregulated manner. For this reason, some collectors choose to limit their acquisitions to cards by specific artists and publishers etc.

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